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Competitions and Leagues

See upcoming competitions and leagues, and pay entry fee below.  All competitions are open to the public.

Monthly Free League

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New league begins the 1st of each month

  • 4-week Singles League

  • Create free FSX Live account.  Log in each week to record score.

  • New 9-Hole League begins the 1st of each month

  • New course each week

  • You have 1 week to complete each event:

    • Week 1: 1st-7th

    • Week 2: 8th-14th

    • Week 3: 15th-21st

    • Week 4: 22nd-28th

  • Up to 4 people can golf at the same time in each bay

  • Registration:

    • Free for members

    • $50 for non-members

  • Prizes:

    • 1st Place - Free reservation up to 3 hours

    • Runner Up - Free reservation up to 2 hours

Registration Deadline:
Must register and complete Week 1 course by the 7th of each month at 11:59 pm

Registration form at bottom of page

League Info and Rules

  • Create a free FSX Live account to compete.

  • Register

  • To compete each week, log 

  • Scoring will be based on the USGA scramble handicap formula. Teams must provide a handicap when registering.  See formula below.  Contact us with any questions.

2 Person Golf Scramble.jpeg

  • All teams will golf the Front 9 of The Quarry

  • 90 minute time limit to complete 9 holes.   Finish early?  Hit some balls on the range!

  • Men Golf from the green tee box, woman golf from the red tee box.

  • All FSX 2020 settings set to default

    • The onsite judge must confirm this before each team begins​

  • On-site judge must view final score on the projector screen at the end of the round.  If a team exits out of their round before the judge can view their score, that team will be disqualified without refund.


Notice: Sorry, no refunds for cancellations.  If less than 8 teams register, the event will be canceled and refunds will be issued to all teams registered.

Disclosure: Total pot will range from $1280-$2400.  Marketing an event with a shifting prize total is confusing.  On the contrary, advertising a $1000 cash prize is exciting!  Our expenses will be $1600 or more (prize money, 9 hours supervisor wages, closing our entire facility for 9 hours, advertising, and eventual income tax). If you are concerned with our take home amount, please do the math above.  We risk losing money on this venture, and we know that.  We also have a chance to make a profit of no more than $800.   We will work hard to make a profit, but our main goal is to provide a fun activity in the Detroit Lakes while attracting new customers to our business.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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